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The purpose of this website is to empower women and educate the world about the experiences of women in different aspects of society. This website showcases amazing and intelligent women in different careers and emphasizes the need for progress around the world. It highlights the importance of women empowerment and equality.

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Samira Chowdhury

I enjoyed creating this project, for women's rights is very important to me. My team and I created this website to empower women and educate people about women's rights. My role on this project was inserting a map API and ensuring that the map was informative of women's rights violations and struggles from all around the world.

Lizzet Villa

Women all across the world are looked down on just for being a woman. Over the course of 7 weeks, Girls Who Code has provided me with the necessary tools and support I needed. For the past 2 weeks my group and I have worked together to create this website to help inform others of the sexism women have to go through.

Vianey Rivera

This is a project we been doing during our time at the Girls Who Code intership. I love working on this project, I was in charge of researching women who have professions in the feild of males. I hope people are inform about the injustice women experience in other countries.

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